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Jeremy Taylor, Reading Teacher @ East Middle School 

"We have been so impressed with how Jeremy seeks to find connections with all of his students. He advocates for their needs and seeks to manage and engage his classroom with meaningful lessons. His passion for literacy and reading is contagious. Jeremy keeps high expectations of his students and has quickly become an essential member of the talented teachers and staff at EMS. Keep up the great work and congratulations, Mr. Taylor!" 

Charlotte Clovis, English & Language Arts Teacher @ East High School 

"Mrs. Clovis has remarkable patience and works tirelessly to ensure that all her students know and understand the curriculum. She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help whenever someone needs assistance. Mrs. Clovis works extremely hard at making sure her students are ready for college and always has her students' best interests in mind."

Jen DuBois, Counselor @ Bryant Elementary School

"Jen is kind to all and always patient. She genuinely listens when spoken to and provides honest feedback. She builds true relationships with our students and they feel safe with her. Jen goes above and beyond in making sure Student Council runs smoothly and in an effective manner. We are lucky to have her as a Bryant Bear!"

Heather Leedom, Food Service Manager @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School

"Heather runs our lunchroom. Even when we're short-staffed, she always has a smile on her face. Heather is always kind and welcoming to everyone–both staff and students! She cares about our students and their needs and always finds the best way to accommodate them. She helps to brighten the lunchroom daily and is greatly appreciated!"

Wendy Johnson, Fourth Grade Teacher @ Spalding Environmental Sciences Elementary School

"Wendy is dedicated to her students and their success. She leads with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Wendy is a great asset to her team and Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary. Congratulations, Wendy!"

Amy Powell, Resource Teacher @ Spalding Environmental Sciences Elementary School

"Amy is a team player who always offers to help others in the Special Education department. She cares deeply about her students and works to meet their needs in a variety of ways. She forms great relationships with her students and is caring and understanding with them. Congratulations, Amy!"

Laura Lewis, Fifth Grade Teacher @ Spalding Environmental Sciences Elementary School

"Laura is constantly working on different activities and events to bring staff and students together in a positive, welcoming environment. She is open to new ideas and is not afraid to take an idea and run with it to make it over-the-top amazing. Thank you, Laura, for bringing fun to our staff and students!"

Michelle Blum, Instructional Assistant @ Spalding Environmental Sciences Elementary School

"Michelle builds such loving relationships with her students. They truly enjoy working with her and her students are making a lot of progress! Michelle is always so upbeat and we are grateful to have her at Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary!"

Cheraine Bromander, ESL Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

A parent said the following about Cheraine: "I want to express my gratitude to Mrs. Bromander for bringing out the confidence that my child needed! My daughter had her for summer school, which positively impacted her. My daughter actually sat down and wanted to read and we saw a major improvement in her writing! We love all the teachers at Morningside, and with the encouragement from Mrs. Bromander, I saw a change in my daughter. Thank you, Mrs. Bromander! We love you!"

Melissa Nutt, Second Grade Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

A parent said the following about Melissa: "My son loves Mrs. Nutt. He has learned so much in her class this year so far and it’s wonderful. She is also an effective communicator and shares how well our son is doing with us through Class Dojo."

Kim Krotz, Assistant Principal @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

"Kim is an educator who works tirelessly to support emotional and social learning needs. She is a proactive advocate in assisting teachers with student challenges, she steps in to help students who may be having a rough day, creates training materials for both staff and students, and supports Morningide's effort to "SOAR." Her overall empathy for our students and staff makes Kim a very deserving Staff Member of the Month."

Phil Carda, Building Service Technician, Leeds Elementary School

"Phil goes above and beyond to ensure our students and staff have a safe and clean environment to work, learn, and grow in every day. He is kind and respectful to everyone in the building and is always willing to help anyone. Thank you, Mr. Carda, for your dedication to Leeds Elementary and for taking care of our building, students, and staff!"

Jason Morgan, Fifth Grade Teacher @ Leeds Elementary School

"Mr. Morgan provides his students with a safe and welcoming learning environment. He cares deeply for his students and makes it a priority to form positive relationships with each of them. Mr. Morgan makes learning fun through engaging lessons and creative learning experiences in his classroom. Thank you, Mr. Morgan, for developing well-educated students and preparing them to succeed!"

Whitney Hellman, Fifth Grade Teacher @ Riverside Elementary School

"Mrs. Hellman has been so flexible this school year. She has a fourth and fifth-grade combination classroom and works to meet the needs of all of her students. She is kind and caring and always willing to put in the extra work to make a difference for our students. Thanks for all you do, Mrs. Hellman!"

Larissa Boettger, Fifth Grade Teacher @ Riverside Elementary School

"Ms. Boettger has a class full of amazing fourth graders. She differentiates to meet the needs of all of the students in her room with ease. She hosted a student teacher this fall and provided a field trip experience for students. She keeps a positive attitude and works well with her colleagues. She is a very dedicated teacher and a joy to work with. Congratulations, Larissa!"

Nancy Staab, Fifth Grade Teacher @ Riverside Elementary School

"Nancy Staab has been a teacher at Riverside for 25 years. This year she started as a fourth-grade teacher and then transitioned to a fifth-grade teacher. She has spent countless hours learning and creating lessons

for her fifth graders and getting to know them. She utilizes technology to keep her students engaged in their learning. Thanks for all you do for your students, Mrs. Staab!"

Laura Ayala, Permanent Substitute Teacher @ Riverside Elementary School

"Mrs. Ayala is new at Riverside this year and she has been such a team player. She has helped in our library, in our special education classrooms, and in any classroom that may need an extra hand. She is always cheerful and kind. We thank Mrs. Ayala for always being ready to take on any task at Riverside Elementary. We are so lucky to have her!"