Computer Programming Specialty

Experience Computer Programming

At Loess Hills, computer programming is weaved throughout the curriculum in a visual, intuitive, and imaginative way. Read a book with a computer science focus and discuss how the characters are using technology to advance the world. Write a string of code using basic math formulas. Build a virtual zoo to learn about animals in science class. These are all examples of students participating in lessons that meet Iowa Core standards and incorporate the computer programming theme.

Computer Programming Educational Goals

Students attending Loess Hills Elementary Computer Programming School receive rigorous core instruction
and experience education in three ways.

  • Programming integration: Bring together programming with traditional classroom objectives to create hands-on, experiential, connected, and meaningful learning experiences to enhance the mastery of math and language arts Iowa Core standards.

  • Production: Produce products that demonstrate foundational skills to be used in future education and employment.

  • Dedicated programming and coding education: Develop an understanding and comfort in logic, reasoning, problem solving, and programming tools.

Preparing Students for the Future

Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School views technology proficiency as a gateway to the future. By teaching students core subject material infused with technology tools and concepts, students are prepared to be productive citizens in an ever-increasingly technological
world. The faculty incorporates interdisciplinary teaching and daily technology instruction that emphasizes programming while fostering creativity, analytical thinking, and problem
solving. Students master the Iowa Core standards in a collaborative, multi-disciplined approach, with technology continuously woven into every aspect of a child’s learning.

Powered by Computer Programming

  • Students are engaged in 21st century learning.

  • Digital citizenship helps young students use technology responsibly.

  • Creative expression and problem solving shape the student experience.

  • Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders in a competitive global workforce.