April Staff Member of the Month graphic with geo teal background

Vicky Behrens, Paraeducator @ East High School

"Vicky carries out her role with conscientiousness and diligence. We can count on Vicky to be reliable, helpful, and supportive of others. She is the kind of person that is not only helpful to students in her assigned room, but she is will go out of her way to assist kids outside her room as well. Vicky is kind and has a great sense of humor, which has helped her build strong relationships with the students she interacts with. She goes above and beyond and inspires others to follow her lead. Congratulations, Vicky!"

Ashleigh Danke, Fourth Grade Teacher @ Liberty Elementary School

"Miss Danke builds positive relationships with her classroom students and provides exceptional instruction to help her students succeed inside the classroom. Outside of the classroom, Miss Danke is involved in a variety of after-school programs, including Running Club, HOH, and many others. Thank you for being a bright light at Liberty Elementary School."

Carter Prescott, Interventionist @ Liberty Elementary School

"Mr. Prescott creates thoughtful and engaging intervention lessons for his students throughout the day. He is a great role model for our students and builds positive relationships with them. Mr. Prescott is also involved in numerous activities that support his co-sponsor. Thank you for shining your light at Liberty Elementary School, Mr. Prescott!"

Kendra Hansen, Counselor @ Liberty Elementary School

"Miss Hansen has successfully taken a leadership role in the implementation of several building-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) initiatives. Miss Hansen organizes and tracks a variety of incentives, including managing the 'ROAR Store' for students. Miss Hansen is also involved in a variety of after-school activities. Keep shining, Miss Hansen!"

Josie Farley, Foundations Paraeducator @ Liberty Elementary School

"Ms. Farley brings a consistent and patient presence to our Foundations program. Ms. Farley can balance the needs of the students that she serves and is a dependable staff member. Ms. Farley also has a strong sense of humor and a persistent smile both in and out of the classroom. Thank you for shining your light for our students Ms. Farley!"

Melanie Weltz, Student Support Specialist @ Liberty Elementary School

"Mrs. Weltz has shined in her new role as Liberty's student support specialist. Mrs. Weltz can establish meaningful relationships with both students and staff. Staff frequently go to Mrs. Weltz for advice on a variety of behavior topics and Mrs. Weltz frequently meets with small groups of students throughout the day to work on social and emotional learning. Thank you for bringing your light to Liberty Mrs. Weltz!"

Sydney Luu, Kindergarten Teacher @ Liberty Elementary School

"Miss Luu has been a bright light for Liberty Elementary this year both in and out of the classroom. Miss Luu's students have shown tremendous growth both academically and behaviorally. Miss Luu is eager to learn and seeks out opportunities with our consulting teacher and student support specialist. Miss Luu has a great sense of humor that brings energy to those around her. Miss Luu has also demonstrated a great 'team-first' attitude. We are grateful for all that Miss Luu does to shine her light at Liberty!"

Kelsey Toomey, Special Education Teacher @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School

"Kelsey cares for all of her students. She collaborates with classroom teachers to meet her students’ needs and expectations. Kelsey is also great at communicating with staff and parents. She has great relationships with her students and her students love getting to work with her. Thank you, Kelsey, for all you do!"

Emily Wiese, English & Language Arts Teacher @ East Middle School

"Mrs. Wiese always has a positive attitude. Teachers love interacting with her and students enjoy coming to her class. Mrs. Wiese relates to students and helps engage them in lessons and activities that connect them to their own lives. She is someone students can talk to and she always wants what's best for them. Mrs. Wiese puts in extra effort to make sure she is ready to teach each week and thinks through ways that will help students learn best. She is an amazing teacher and a reliable, helpful colleague and friend. Congratulations, Mrs. Wiese!"

Amy Heeney, Preschool Instructional Assistant @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

"Amy is an amazing instructional assistant! She goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She comes to work every day with a genuine smile and is ready to jump in and support whatever the day brings. Amy is a hard worker and loves building strong relationships with students. She helps make learning fun, meaningful, and successful in the classroom. Amy often makes or brings materials to the classroom to help enhance learning. Amy is a true team player. Our classroom would not be the same without her!"

Melanie Poss, Paraeducator @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School

"Melanie is calm, cheerful, and kind-mannered, which makes everyone want to be around her—including staff and students. She is always positive and greets each person with a kind smile. Melanie is always willing to help others and provide support wherever needed. She shows a great deal of patience with our students and takes a special interest in each one of them. We are so grateful to have Melanie at Hunt A+."